Roller Shutter Doors

Roller Shutters are the ideal door for any business for the added security.

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Roller shutter doors are mostly used for high-security requirements and be can be manufactured from either aluminium or galvanised steel. These are then driven by either a manual hand chain, tube motor or direct drive motor depending on requirements. They are a very popular option for both commercial and residential buildings.

They have a unique design that allows them to be used in small openings with minimal headroom required. You may also notice a drop in your energy bill as they can help to keep the heat in and assist in soundproofing your building. They can come powder coated to match your companies brand if required.

Roller shutters can be manually or electrically operated all depending on your specifications. The manually operated roller shutters come with a push-up and pull down function or with a chain for bigger doors. This ensures that even large shutters can be opened and closed with minimal effort.

Electrically operated shutters provide an effortless line of security. Large openings of up to 15 meters wide can be opened and closed with a push of a button. On top of easy opening and closing, they can also be integrated into group controls so multiple installations can be operated at the same time.

Additional Features

Roller Shutter Doors can have a range of additional security features added such as a smaller door installed with the shutter. Check out the below list for just a few added possible features:

  • Bullet Locks
  • Ground Locks
  • Interlocks
  • Side Seals
  • Weather Seals
  • Wicket Gates
  • Perforated Curtain
  • Punched Curtain
  • Wind Guides
  • Radar
  • Remote Controls
  • Key Switches

These are just a few of the additional features that can be added to your order should you feel that a roller shutter door is correct for you. If you’re not sure take a look at our Sectional Overhead Doors or give our friendly team a quick call

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